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About Us

FoamWingCutting.com is a joint project of the father and son team of Bob Furr and Roy Furr.

Bob Furr is a lifetime model airplane enthusiast living in Omaha, Nebraska. He’s flown control line model airplanes for nearly 50 years — ever since he was a young boy growing up in Indiana. Through his life as a modeler, Bob’s tried many methods for cutting foam wings. Most are hard to do with one person, or require expensive CNC machinery. Bob created a method that one person can use, by themselves, to do foam wing cutting. The results are as good as most other methods out there. And it’s easy and affordable. So Bob — with the help of Ed Prohaska of Good-To-Go Models — recorded this two hour how-to video on cutting foam wings, to help you become a better modeler.

Roy Furr grew up spending many weekends at the flying field, and has fond memories of flying even though he’s not involved today. Today, Roy lives in Oregon and does website marketing consulting. Roy built this site to help his dad out, to make his foam wing cutting video available to modelers through the internet.

FoamWingCutting.com is managed by Roy’s business, Fresh Look, Inc., which provides conversion rate optimization services for website owners.